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Our team can help streamline and simplify your compliance efforts. Our subject matter experts allow your team to remove the burden of achieving your compliance goals so you can focus on your core mission.



✔  Healthcare IT


✔  Accelerated Compliance

Get Compliant

Let our security experts monitor your network and secure what matters most. Our experts are here to be an extension of your IT team and provide support when it's most needed. Extend your IT team today and benefit from:


✔   Threat Hunting

✔   Vulnerability Management

✔   Incident Response

✔   Penetration Testing


As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Public Sector Partner, InfusionPoints makes use of the highly innovative features of the AWS platform to deliver cloud solutions to its customers. Get help with:

✔  Government Workloads

✔  Remote Workforce

✔  CyberSecurity

✔  AWS Microsoft Workloads

✔  AWS Well-Architected


InfusionPoints has developed government cybersecurity solutions for many agencies and organizations. Our teams are well versed in the specific needs of government cybersecurity functions and compliance.

✔  PMO Services

✔  HSPD12

✔  CyberSecurity

✔  Cloud Migrations



Full Life Cycle Security Operations

Meet Your New Cybersecurity and Compliance Partner

Allow Your Team to Focus on Their Core Mission While We Do the Rest

Allow Your Team to Focus on Their Core Mission While We Do the Rest

Rapid Results, Expert Support, and 24x7x365 Monitoring.

Our CyberSecurity Assessment and Advisory Services will help you:

  • Compare your current CyberSecurity posture to leading practices and compliance requirements
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses in your current IT defenses and operations
  • Document your existing CyberSecurity controls to meet leading practices and compliance requirements
  • Identify and quantify risks to your IT systems
  • Align your CyberSecurity Posture with your overall business goals

Building the right CyberSecurity program for your organization will allow you to integrate new IT trends, address skill shortages, and stay ahead of rapidly changing techniques. InfusionPoints can help you create a more proactive and mature cybersecurity environment. InfusionPoints CyberSecurity services can help you design an integrated framework with cybersecurity management solutions, systems integration, and managed services to protect your enterprise.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance -- We will work with you to collect, analyze, and report security information and security events to identify, quantify, assess, and report on IT-related risks that can contribute to your organization’s risk.

Security Policies and Procedures -- We work with you to develop security policies and procedures that align with your business goals and help you achieve compliance and mitigate risks.

Training and Awareness -- Our training and awareness program meets the requirements of common compliance and regulatory standards by delivering up-to-date training that targets the right audience with the right content.

Internal Audit and Preparedness Programs -- We help you develop an internal audit program, prepare for audits by storyboarding, and assist with collecting evidence.

InfusionPoints' VNSOC360° Managed Detection and Response delivers exceptional Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Log Management, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Many companies try to achieve better security by purchasing the latest set of security tools, they spend a lot of money buying an IDS and SIEM products. However, many companies do not have the capabilities to follow through and use the IDS and SIEM systems properly, and most will fail. Buying your own tools more often than not, is no guarantee of results.

So it is imperative to combine a strong team with the fundamental tools of IDS, log management, and SIEM, to provide the required insight to defend your business environment. The first step is to have a professional security team that knows how to get the most out of the resources you have available.

It is not enough to perform periodic security assessments in today’s ever changing threat landscape, these assessments only provide a snapshot in time of your organization's security posture. Rapid identification and corrective action of weaknesses or vulnerabilities will reduce your organization's threat surface and cost to remediate these issues. Moving from periodic assessments to near real-time continuous monitoring will minimize security threats to your organization, as well as ensure compliance, this is the real value to your organization.

Continuous monitoring is the clear path for securing your modern IT infrastructure. InfusionPoints' provides continuous monitoring services that maintain the cybersecurity posture for many of our customers IT Infrastructures. We build, test, and defend our customers IT Infrastructures with continuous monitoring programs by identifying and proactively address the threats before they turn into breaches.

A solid continuous monitoring program starts with strong configuration management practices, along with threat and vulnerability management program and a proactive patch management program. InfusionPoints supports our customers' governance, security and operations teams to provide insight on platform hardening, and vulnerability, configuration, and patch management. We combine SecOps and DevOps to drive proactive continuous monitoring innovation. Our SecOps and DevOps teams actively collaborate to reduce your threat surface.

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