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Purpose-Built GRC

Meet FedRAMP, DoD, CMMC and DFARS Requirements with Command Center


Achieving a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO)

Is your organization seeking an ATO to begin selling your solution in the federal market? Have you already achieved an ATO and are struggling to keep up with countless requirements and vulnerabilities? Achieving and maintaing an ATO can be a time-consuming and costly process, adding stress to your team as they try to meet compliance objectives while delivering on your mission.

Command Center is a serverless Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) application that is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) developed by InfusionPoints to streamline ticketing, Continuous Monitoring, user management, and assist organizations in rapidly achieving and maintaining authorizations. Command Center integrates seamlessly with InfusionPoints’ XccelerATOr framework to compound compliance acceleration for CSPs. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and maintains a Government Service Competency, InfusionPoints leverages the AWS cloud native Serverless SaaS (Software as a service) features to achieve cost efficiency and performance.

Utilize AWS Services

Build | Manage | Defend

‚ÄčInfusionPoints is an APN Advanced Consulting Partner 

InfusionPoints is in the Amazon Partner Network (APN), is an Advanced Consulting Partner, and is in the AWS Global Security Compliance Acceleration (GSCA) Program, Solution Provider Program, Public Sector Solution Provider Program, and Public Sector Partner Programs and has the AWS Security Competency, Level 1 MSSP Competency, and Government Consulting Competency. InfusionPoints provides AWS expertise from highly-trained and certified AWS experts to build, manage, and defend your cloud solution by infusing security at every point in the lifecycle of your cloud environment from concept to operations. This will allow you to stay focused on your core mission.

InfusionPoints' AWS Amazon Partner Network Profile

Take Command of Your Cloud Compliance

Command Center Capabilities Include:

Enterprise Ticketing

Enterprise Ticketing

The Command Center Ticketing Module provides real-time tracking and dashboarding to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. AWS native services enhance the Ticketing Module by integrating scan results, POA&Ms, and inventory to automatically open, track, and close vulnerabilities tickets in accordance with SLAs saving your team thousands of hours throughout your Continuous Monitoring journey. 

  • Dashboard for Assignment and Criticality Summary
  • Open and Close Vulnerabilities Tickets Automatically
  • Change and Configuration Management Tracking
  • Security Impact Analysis and Continuous Monitoring
  • Incident Response Compliant with FedRAMP and DoD


Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

The Command Center Continuous Monitoring Module provides real-time tracking and dashboarding of system vulnerabilities. AWS native services enhance the Continuous Monitoring Module by dynamically displaying Asset Inventory and Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) automatically. Exports include standard FedRAMP Excel or OSCAL.  

  • Dashboard for Vulnerability Risk and Forecasting
  • Trend Analysis for Compliance with RA-5
  • Dynamically Updated Inventory and POA&M
  • Inventroy and POA&M Change Control Features
  • Export to CSV, JSON, XML, YAML for OSCAL 
  • Standard Incident Response ticket to comply with FedRAMP and DoD


Command Center Security

Command Center Security

Command Center is secure and can be hosted on both AWS Commercial and GovCloud. The Application is hardened against DoD STIG, leverages FIPS 140-2 validated modules, and includes modular Access Control supporting different credential and multi-factor authentication types. All events are logged and integrate seamlessly with InfusionPoints XccelerATOr or custom centralized logging architectures with AWS CloudWatch and CloudTrail. 

  • Boundary Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • FIPS 140-2, CIS, STIG Compliance
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Audit and Accountability


Document Repository

Document Repository

The Command Center Document Repository Module provides a secure location for storing your sensitive system documentation. This module features a user friendly S3 interface and functionality for versioning, tracking and audit trail. Notably, the Document Repository includes a System Security Plan (SSP) Dashboard and Management interface to track and manage SSPs without the traditional challenges of a word processor.   

  • Robust and Secure File System Leveraging S3
  • Download Data for Delivery to U.S. Gov.
  • Track System Security Plan Status 
  • Edit and Manage System Security Plan
  • Export to Word, JSON, XML, YAML for OSCAL 
  • Preview Files Securely within the Boundary 


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