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Managing Vulnerabilities is Essential. Let our Experts Do the Work.

A mature Vulnerability Management program is crucial for securing and maintaining the security of IT infrastructure. In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in a timely manner is imperative in preventing potential exploits by malicious actors. Cybercriminals often target known vulnerabilities in software or systems, exploiting weaknesses to gain unauthorized access or launch attacks. By regularly scanning and assessing your infrastructure for vulnerabilities, organizations can stay one step ahead of potential threats and proactively mitigate risks.

A strong Continuous Monitoring program is required when achieving many compliance standards such as FedRAMP, Tx-RAMP, StateRAMP, CMMC, DFARS and FISMA who require organizations to have an effective Vulnerability Management program. Failure to comply with the regulations not only exposes organizations to significant reputational risks, it could jeopardize the compliance authorization as well.

Here at InfusionPoints, our U.S. Citizen/U.S. Soil based Continuous Monitoring and Vulnerability Management experts have the know how and experience to successfully maintain authorizations through proactive system maintenance and management. We combine CloudOps and DevOps to drive proactive continuous monitoring innovation and automation to actively reduce your threat surface.


Evolving Security Management Capabilities

POA&M Generation

POA&M Generation

Our team of experts have the experience and expertise to successfully manage and maintain your POA&M.

  • CloudOps and DevOps Support
  • Dedicated Analyst Servicing Your Environment
  • Active Collaboration with Your Engineers
Automated Scanning

Automated Scanning

Our CloudOps team is driven through proactive Continuous Monitoring which is achieved by automated scanning and analysis.

  • Automated Scan Analysis
  • Experienced with Different Scanner Platforms
  • Customized Reporting Capabilities
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

InfusionPoints takes the confusion out of maintaing an accurate inventory through automated inventory management.

  • Reduce Time and Effort
  • CloudOps Manages your System Inventory
  • Automation Takes Out the Guess Work
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Allowing your organization to have a clear picture of it's security posture through comprehensive dashboards and trend analysis.

  • Transparent Security Posture
  • Peace of Mind Through Comprehensive Analysis
  • Easily Track and Meet SLA's 

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