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XBU40 Helps Customers Rapidly Meet FedRAMP ATO Requirements

Virtual Compliance, Quick Deadlines, and Upfront Challenges

In rural America the amount of ICU beds was limiting causing there to be no clinical care for vital patients. Expression Network who developed the “NETCCN” (The National Emergency Tele-Critical Care Network) for TATRC (U.S. Army's Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center's) was on a search for a secure and FedRAMP compliant platform for their software to continue to allow the TATRC to securely and virtually communicate with their patients. They found their solution with InfusionPoints XccelerATOr. XccelerATOr speeds up the FedRAMP journey for clients who are in a time crunch and need a FedRAMP compliant solution quickly!


The Key Challenges They Faced

  • Finding a skilled and dedicated partner to help with the ATO process
  • Meeting the challenges of a tight deadline
  • Needing a fully dedicated FedRAMP partner
  • Lack of Development of the product to be hosted
  • New exposure to the FedRAMP process
  • Small Team Environment


A Synthesized Approach with InfusionPoints

Expression Network chose InfusionPoints to assist with their ATO journey because InfusionPoints offered the partnership they were looking for – not just a solution that left them on their own to figure it out.  They also knew that InfusionPoints had a proven track record and strong expertise with FedRAMP requirements and AWS infrastructure. InfusionPoints was able to quickly meet with the SaaS provider to collaborate and determine the specific needs to obtain an ATO and launch this product into the marketplace for other agencies to utilize.


Expert Guidance and an ATO Fast Track with XccelerATOr

Utilizing InfusionPoints’ XccelerATOr compliance automation and our FedRAMP subject matter experts, Expression Networks AWS GovCloud infrastructure was FedRAMP enabled it to be fully compliant. Expression Network was ready to integrate their Paas/SaaS solution. InfusionPoints walked Expression Network through the process and developed several key processes to enable their PaaS/SaaS to be fully compliant. This managed environment paves the way to obtaining their ATO in a fraction of the time that it would traditionally take. InfusionPoints’ XccelerATOr removed many of the ATO-related challenges and allowed Expression Network to focus on their core mission while InfusionPoints handled the rest.  In addition, InfusionPoints provided a full set of FedRAMP Documentation and will be providing Managed Detection and Response and FedRAMP Continuous Monitoring through InfusionPoints VNSOC360


InfusionPoints’ XccelerATOr Allowed Expression Network To:

  • Get their application integrated
  • Get access to a new audience with Civilian Agency Healthcare and DoD clients
  • Have an efficient FedRAMP Compliant Pathway through consulting assistance and proper implementation
  • Focus on their core mission while InfusionPoints took care of compliance
  • Become FedRAMP Ready when they needed it


This project set the standard for us with virtual healthcare. We were able to help Expression Network deliver a secure environment for their cloud based software for their clients to handle their sensitive data, virtually." Jackson Gorman – FedRAMP Consultant at InfusionPoints