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Rural Telecommunication Provider Focuses on Reducing Their Cyber Risk

Rural Telecommunication Company needed to improve their threat visibility   

Rural telecommunication provider wanted to enhance visibility into their IT infrastructure, and reduce their overall risk to their business. In addition, the provider wanted to reduce their dwell time in discovering a breach into their environment. They didn’t have a security team or tools in place. However, they did have a solid IT team in place. The provider also wanted to leverage their existing virtualized environment to defend their critical IT Infrastructure.  They faced real challenges in improving their cyber security posture to reduce the overall risk to the provider’s revenue streams.

"On the first day we saw value in VNSOC360⁰. Within moments of the installation, we gained visibility into our IT Infrastructure. InfusionPoints gave us new situational awareness and the ability to quickly respond to an attack.  We were watching attacks occurring in real-time.” -- CEO

Providing immediate value to the business Day One

InfusionPoints deployed our VNSOC360⁰ managed cyber security capability that includes: threat intelligence, network and host intrusion detection, security information and event management (SIEM), vulnerability, log, asset, and availability management in to their virtualized environment.

VNSOC360⁰ provided immediate visibility in their IT infrastructure. They can view activity on their infrastructure 24 hours a day using the online VNSOC360⁰ portal and SIEM.

InfusionPoints immediately reduced the risks to their IT infrastructure by giving them easy access to our cyber security experts to provide the first line of defense required in today’s telecommunication providers.

InfusionPoints worked with the rural telecommunication provider to reduce the number of cyber security events plaguing their infrastructure.  By improving the overall infrastructure architecture, eliminating brute force attacks occurring inside of their infrastructure and with vulnerability scanning, we identified and remediated several highly vulnerable systems.

The Rural Telecommunication provider greatly benefited from VNSOC360° by reducing the operational cyber risk by defending their IT infrastructure with a highly skilled cyber security team that complement the skills of the internal team. -- IT Director

Providing an early warning system for things that go bump in the middle of the night

By utilizing InfusionPoints’ cyber security subject matter experts, and VNSOC360° to complement their internal skills and resources, the rural telecommunication provider has improved their cyber security posture while freeing up their team to focus on other areas of the infrastructure that support the business growth plan.

This solution has also brought the rural telecommunication provider peace of mind, knowing that VNSOC360° is proactively providing an early warning system for things that go bump in the middle of the night.