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Providing Identity Assurance for Trusted Applications

Identity Theft requires Identity Assurance for Trusted Applications

Organizations must be ever vigilant of the threat of Identity Theft as it has become increasingly easy for attackers to fraudulently use stolen identity information to create accounts and obtain services in a victim’s name.  Identity Proofing provides an assurance mechanism to authenticate the true Identity of users on the Internet with the right level of Identity Assurance for a system or transaction.  In this reference project, InfusionPoints IAM consultants along with Equifax integrated Equifax’s Anakam.IDP Identity proofing technology with the registration and workflow capabilities of SocialEngine, the social network platform chosen for Army’s Social Network.

The US Army, Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) office was tasked with creating a social network that would allow interaction between Army staff and their friends and family. The Army needed to allow Army staff the capability of inviting their friends and family to use the social networking site for non FOUO information sharing purposes.  Army staff would use their CAC cards to access the site, but the Army wanted a basic level of Identity Assurance in place for the accounts that friends, and family would be creating on the social network. The site would also need to support authentication for both CAC and non-CAC holders.

Identity Proofing using Out-of-Wallet Questions

The invite and registration interface was modified and workflows were integrated with Anakam. IDP via web services APIs in a cloud environment. The new registration workflow for friends and family featured a quiz based on out-of-wallet questions -- or questions that only a specific person would be able to readily answer.  This information was sourced from a number of public sources of record as gathered by Equifax.  Authentication questions and answers are always stored on Equifax’s systems so theses solutions require no local storage or retention of this information.  The solution provided basic assurance that registered users were in-fact who they self-identified as.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce fraud through Identity Authentication
  • Minimize Manual Processing time and costs.
  • Reduce Website abandonment rate by proactively addressing security concerns.
  • Incorporate into your business processes based on security or fraud mitigation requirements.
  • Cost effective, no-touch identity proofing during the user’s initial enrollment on the Web portal.
  • Comply with M-04-04, FICAM, USA Patriot Act, FFIEC and FCRA.

Flexible capabilities

  • Select the number and category of questions to present to your users.
  • Determine whether or not to present a quiz based on selectable factors.
  • Present simulated questions to thwart web spiders or fraudsters.
  • Optionally present a second quiz based on results of the first.
  • Specify how many additional questions to ask if too many were incorrect.
  • Includes both credit and non-credit interactive question types.
  • Avoid previously asked questions until all possible questions are asked.
  • Includes demographic marketing, credit, employment, and utilities data.

IAM Capabilities

  • Governance and Architecture
  • Program Planning, Road Mapping, and Project Management
  • Product Selection, Vendor management, and Acquisition Assistance
  • ICAM Cloud Strategy
  • Compliance and Audit
  • User Management and Provisioning
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Customer Self Registration
  • Identity Proofing
  • Portal and Personalization
  • Directory Services
  • Strong Authentication