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Kastellum Enables Compliant Remote Workstations

Pandemic Forced Need for a Compliant Virtual Desktop

Kastellum Group is a Strategic Planning, Operations & Analysis, and SME Consulting firm in the Defense, Cyber Intelligence, Special Programs, and Information Operations Sectors. Kastellum Group is a federal contractor who contracts heavily with the DoD. Kastellum Group found themselves in a security predicament when COVID-19 forced everyone to work remotely. They were unable to work in their current environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because all employees were now remote, Kastellum had to find a compliant and virtual solution to continue their work within the DoD – and fast.


The Key Challenges They Faced

  • The solution had to be virtual
  • DFARS and NIST compliance was key to maintain contracts with DoD
  • They needed a rapid solution for current contracts
  • Knowledge and technical expertise to launch a remote solution was needed


A Synthesized Approach with InfusionPoints

Kastellum chose InfusionPoints to assist with their virtual workstation needs because InfusionPoints offered a complete package that could be deployed within minutes.  InfusionPoints also provided expert guidance every step of the way.  They also knew that InfusionPoints had a proven track record and strong expertise with DFARS & NIST compliance and AWS infrastructure. InfusionPoints was able to quickly meet with Kastellum to collaborate and determine the specific needs of their computing requirements to begin setting up their compliant virtual desktops.


CyberSecure Anywhere Provided a Rapid & Compliant Virtual Solution

CyberSecure Anywhere has security controls built in from the start which enabled Kastellum to have a completely secure and compliant virtual desktop that could be securely accessed from almost any device. Because this solution was backed by the proven protection of InfusionPoints and their Virtual Network Security Operations Center (VNSOC360°), as well as being built upon an AWS Workspaces’ environment, they could rest assured knowing CyberSecure Anywhere was compliant with DFARS and NIST 800-171. Compliance was easily achieved because of the unique blend of the services provided by the partners below:


CyberSecure Anywhere Allowed Kastellum Group To:

  • Overcome compliance challenges
  • Launch a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) within a matter of days
  • Enable employees to continue working on contracts
  • Focus on their core mission while InfusionPoints took care of compliance
  • Save time and money from not having to implement a solution on their own


"On very short notice, InfusionPoints helped us meet the government's requirement for protected, unclassified communications for those in our workforce sent home due to COVID, and since then, your team has been exceptionally helpful with technical support along the way." - D. Stone Davis - President, KASTELLUM Group

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