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InfusionPoints, LLC Appoints Felisha Daemer as New Vice President of Public Sector

InfusionPoints, LLC Appoints Felisha Daemer as New Vice President of Public Sector

March 4, 2024, North Wilkesboro NC, InfusionPoints a cybersecurity, cloud consulting, and engineering firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Felisha Daemer as the Vice President of Public Sector. In this role, Felisha will lead the company's initiatives to expand its presence and impact within the public sector market.

With over 14 years of experience in the public sector space from a contractor to building relationships, Felisha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this role. Prior to stepping into this role, Felisha lead a successful Sales and Marketing (SMarketing), Inbound Focus team that is supported companywide. She will continue her role in this space with an increased delegation of tasks to her current, supportive SMarketing team.

“Renewing our focus on public sector requires dedication and unwavering commitment. This strategic move to appoint Felisha Daemer as VP of Public Sector is instrumental in aligning our operational efforts with our vision of fostering sustainable growth and enhanced service delivery in the public sector.” Jason Shropshire, COO

This strategic move will allow Felisha to play a pivotal role in strengthening relationships with government agencies, expanding market reach, and driving strategic initiatives to address the unique needs of the public sector.

Felisha as the new VP stated, "I am beyond honored to step into this role. I look forward to continuing to build an awesome team to leverage our innovative solutions and deliver exceptional value to our government partners and the communities they serve."

InfusionPoints is poised for continued growth and success under Felisha's leadership. The company remains committed to building, managing, and defending our public sector and commercial clients by infusing compliance and security into each point of our clients’ environments.