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InfusionPoints Announces General Availability of XccelerATOr, a FedRAMP ATO Acceleration Capability



NORTH WILKESBORO, N.C., February 24, 2022 ( - InfusionPoints, LLC, a leading CyberSecurity Advisory, Technology, and Managed Services firm, today announced General Availability (GA) of XccelerATOr, an Authority to Operate on Amazon Web Services (ATO on AWS) acceleration offering for FedRAMP authorizations. XccelerATOr is a compliance automation service that rapidly deploys a preconfigured environment with built-in FedRAMP control implementations, reducing the burden and cost of deploying and securing a client's Federal cloud environment. 

"The FedRAMP authorization journey is well-known for its rigorous process and requirements," states Jason Shropshire, COO at InfusionPoints. He goes on to say that organizations who attempt to prepare for a FedRAMP ATO internally without support from an experienced external advisor have had timelines that exceed three years. InfusionPoints' XccelerATOr dramatically compresses the timeframe of every area that FedRAMP customers have control over by combining three key service offerings:

  1. Advisory Services to tailor the FedRAMP-required documentation and procedures,
  2. Technical Services to automatically build a FedRAMP-compliant infrastructure to integrate clients' cloud service applications, and
  3. Managed Services to secure and defend clients' FedRAMP environment. 

Gary Daemer, Chief Executive Officer at InfusionPoints, states, "Using our 10 years of experience providing FedRAMP advisory services, we've thought of and have included everything needed for a FedRAMP-compliant environment by combining our deep knowledge of FedRAMP along with our technical and AWS managed services' expertise to integrate a customer's unique application and corporate controls to meet rigorous FedRAMP requirements at their speed."

XccelerATOr follows a five-step process to help Customers Achieve a FedRAMP ATO:

  1. Determine a client's Cloud Environment Needs 
  2. Deploy a Pre-Configured Environment with Built in FedRAMP Security Implementations
  3. Integrate a client's Service into the Secure and FedRAMP Compliant Environment
  4. Develop a client's FedRAMP ATO Package and support the Audit process
  5. Operate a client's FedRAMP cloud with InfusionPoints' VNSOC360° services for Continuous Monitoring and Managed Detection & Response to meet FedRAMP Requirements

To learn more about XccelerATOr, please visit the following websites: