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InfusionPoints CTO at HPE Discover 2019

InfusionPoints CTO at HPE Discover 2019

Las Vegas

New Technology - Advanced Security

HPE Discover is the Hewlett Packard Enterprise showcase technology event for business and government customers.  Jason Shropshire, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at InfusionPoints, had the opportunity to speak back in June at HPE Discover 2019. He spoke about the work InfusionPoints has done to validate HPE security technologies. At the annual HPE Discover event, Hewlett Packard Enterprise showcased their technology products and services for their business and government customers. 

Jason Shropshire spoke in two sessions: 

  • Lessons from the FBI: Cybersecurity trends and how AI-enabled detection is defeating hackers before they attack  

  • The FBI’s most nefarious cybercriminal trends and lessons from companies that outsmarted the hackers 

In a spotlight session, Shropshire spoke on testing across a variety of servers in different environments. He spoke highly of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, describing how the fundamental and developed design of their services helped it come out on top. He described HPE’s services as “generations ahead in firmware protection.” 

InfusionPoints set up a mock environment in which they tested HPE security technologies by attempting to hack into a simulated environment using publicly available exploit codes. None of the attacks were successful. Further investigation proved that HPE’s security solution successfully blocked attack code based on a customizable policy.