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Apprenticeship Wilkes is changing the lives of our Youth

Apprenticeship Wilkes is changing the lives of our Youth


“ApprenticeshipNC is changing the lives of participating apprentices within the program, they have made a great stride in bettering themselves and InfusionPoints. I am grateful to have them as a part of the company.”  – Gary Daemer 

ApprenticeshipNC’s mission is to ensure North Carolina has an innovative, relevant, effective and efficient workforce-development system that develops adaptable, work-ready, skilled talent to meet the current and future needs of workers and businesses to achieve and sustain economic prosperity. Wilkes County decided to become a part of the program in 2018. InfusionPoints jumped on the opportunity after learning about the program in a BIEF (Business Industry Education Forum) meeting with Wayne Shepard, director of continuing education.....  

Apprenticeship Wilkes, as an offshoot of ApprenticeshipNC, offers incredible opportunities for the youth in Wilkes County, as well as the companies participating in the program. Before signing into a full apprenticeship with a company, students work through a two-month trial period over the summer, known as a pre-apprenticeship.  At the end of the trial period, the company may offer a full apprenticeship, and the pre-apprentice may accept or decline. Apprentices will have on the job training and experience in their fields, while also attending classes at Wilkes Community College. Apprentices are paid for their work and the program covers tuition for classes within their program’s plan. As InfusionPoints grows, we hope to offer more opportunities for the youth of Wilkes County through the ApprenticeshipNC program. 

“It’s great to watch high school students be self-motivated, take pride in their work, and learn from their mentors. The work they do here as apprentices is not only for their benefit, but also for the benefit of InfusionPoints as a company. We are creating something really unique here to help the youth of Wilkes County.” – Jason Shropshire 

After welcoming two apprentices through the North Carolina Apprenticeship Program last year, Katie Bell and Hannah Billings, InfusionPoints decided to be a part of the program again in 2019.  After the official signing ceremony on August 27th, 2019, it is our honor to welcome our third apprentice, Jayme Martin, to the team! Jayme is a super senior at Wilkes Early College High School and will be working with InfusionPoints as a Graphic Designer in our SMarketing department. 

Congratulations Jayme, and welcome to the InfusionPoints team!