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Battle of the Week - Power Outage

The Battleground: 

A company’s place of business 

The Presumption: 

Having checks in place to know if there is an event taking place at a location. 

The Discovery: 

InfusionPoints was receiving alarms dealing with a sensor being down on 3rd shift. The analyst notified the contacts of the company about the status down alarms. The contacts were unaware of anything going on in the area and went to their place of business to investigate. The event that had occurred was a power outage that disabled all power from the building. 

Our Solution: 

By having systems in place to notify if certain events take place at your place of business. The sooner you are informed events are taking place then the sooner you can mitigate the damage being caused. 

Lessons Learned:

if InfusionPoints was not monitoring this customer then there could have been far worse complications since this occurred during 3rd shift hours. Having multiple systems in place can help prevent a problem from being a catastrophic problem.