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Battle of the Week - InBound Activity

The Battleground:

A local County's Network Infrastructure.

The Presumption:  

Having ports that are not used to be blocked to prevent access to the network. 

The Discovery:  

An alarm came in stating that a the Mirai Botnet was trying to gain access to the County’s network. The County’s IT department was notified of the attempt to find out if the network was breached. Luckily, the Botnet failed to gain access since the company had fallen victim previously. The previous Botnet brute forced other IP Addresses on the network to try and infect others with malicious software. But was caught earlier on before major damage had taken place. 

Our Solution:  

Regularly check endpoints to maintain security and to stay up to date on what can gain access to your network. 

Lessons Learned: 

Always be certain on what is and is not allowed through on endpoints on the network. Making sure everything is documented and new devices follow the same standards.