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Battle of the Week - Exploit - Known Vulnerability

The Battleground:

A local County's Endpoint Device.

The Presumption:  

A County keeping their devices up to date to prevent access from malicious users using exploits. 

The Discovery:  

During InfusionPoints' routine cyber-hunting exercises they identified a malicious user that was trying to exploit the County's router at one of their endpoints. The user was testing known exploits against the router to try and bypass the router's security. The InfusionPoints' Analyst notified the employee with the different exploits being attempted on their device. The company informed the Analyst of the make and model of the router to see if any of the exploits affected the router. None of the exploits that the malicious user used had any affect on the router.

Our Solution:  

Keeping devices up to date to help prevent exploits from being used.

Lessons Learned: 

Having software up to date will keep your network one step away from being breeched.