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Malicious Coronavirus COVID-19 Link 

Malicious Coronavirus COVID-19 Link 

Malicious Coronavirus COVID-19 Link

Hackers are taking advantage of fears surrounding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak by luring people into clicking links that download malicious software. One such instance is a malicious website link pretending to be a map of global Coronavirus cases masquerading as the legitimate site managed by John Hopkins University. This link (corona-virus-map[dot]com), infects visitors with the AZORult Trojan, which steals sensitive information such as browsing history, cryptocurrency wallets, and passwords/credentials, and more. This Trojan can also act as a gateway for more serious infections. Another potential scam includes phishing emails which pretend to have legitimate information but ask you to click a link or download a file. 

Precautions you can take: 

  • Only use verified and reliable websites when looking for a Coronavirus Map dashboard, such as those by the real John Hopkins University or The New York Times   

  • Inspect any links from search results carefully and do not click on or download any attachments from suspicious emails         


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