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Command Center - Purpose-Built Compliance

Command Center - Purpose-Built Compliance

Take Command of your Cloud Compliance


Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) targeting cloud compliance face daunting challenges, from grasping Continuous Monitoring requirements to ensuring effective cross-team communication and selecting the right tools for vulnerability and POA&M (plan of action and milestones) management. Command Center emerges as a dedicated solution, purpose-built to navigate the intricacies of compliance in cloud environments for StateRAMP, FedRAMP, DoD (Department of Defense), and CMMC/DFARS.

Five Common Challenges:

  • Selecting The Right Tools (Services, Automation, GRC)
  • Understanding FedRAMP ConMon Requirements
  • Securing Cross-Team Communication and Collaboration
  • Implementing Vulnerability Management Operations
  • Managing Inventory and Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M)

What is Command Center?

Command Center is a serverless Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) application that is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) developed by InfusionPoints to streamline ticketing, Continuous Monitoring, user management, and assist organizations in rapidly achieving and maintaining authorizations. Command Center integrates seamlessly with InfusionPoints’ XccelerATOr framework to compound compliance acceleration for CSPs. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and maintains a Government Service Competency, InfusionPoints leverages the AWS cloud native Serverless SaaS (Software as a service) features to achieve cost efficiency and performance.

What does Command Center Offer?

Command Center is designed to directly address compliance hurdles securely and effectively through FIPS 140-2/-3 encryption and DoD STIG configurations. Its suite of features includes an enterprise Ticketing module with automated vulnerability ticketing, Incident Response, problems, changes, access, and continuous monitoring objectives. The Ticketing module enforces approvals for configuration and change management activities to streamline control compliance providing a detailed audit trail. Pre-defined Continuous Monitoring objective tickets ensure CSPs meet their goals weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually based on NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) controls and relevant FedRAMP and DoD baselines.

The Continuous Monitoring module provides dashboard visibility into active vulnerabilities to conquer SLAs with forecasting to ensure appropriate resource allocation. The Continuous Monitoring module leverages end to end automation to generate an asset inventory, compile scans, correlate vulnerabilities, and export to Excel or OSCAL (Open Security Controls Assessment Language) to enhance reliability, reduce human error, and improve audit confidence. Additionally, a secure Document Repository enables storage and versioning with an OSCAL enabled System Security Plan user interface to drastically reduce documentation development time and maintenance. The comprehensive User Management module facilitates onboarding, off-boarding, modifications, and role-based access control and reviews.

By leveraging Command Center, CSPs can automate and simplify complex compliance processes, ensuring that they not only meet, but exceed the stringent requirements of FedRAMP and DoD compliance. This tool is engineered to enhance security and compliance management, making it an indispensable asset for CSPs in the government contracting space.


Command Center incorporates years of experience navigating the challenges of cloud compliance for FedRAMP and DoD, offering a purpose-built, feature-rich application that empowers teams to take command of their cloud compliance. Transform your approach to FedRAMP and DoD cloud compliance to achieve and maintain your authorization by reaching for a demonstration today.

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