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Business-friendly Security

Business-Friendly Security

Security becomes an adversary to your organization when it hinders the operation of key business functions. And the smooth operation of revenue-producing business processes trump the needs of a security program every time.

How do we currently detect vulnerabilities? Do we have a threat and vulnerability program that will allow us to work through the vulnerabilities identified? Do we have the manpower and experience to work through a potentially large list of vulnerabilities? Will that program help us to correctly identify and adjust risk based on the layout of our company? Do we have a Change Management program to keep our efforts in order as we mitigate the risks?

Can security be business-friendly? Years of security monitoring, pentest engagements, and vulnerability assessments have taught me that this requires a different mindset; one that understands how defense-in-depth works and recognizes a vulnerability for more than its face value. Business-friendly security will objectively determine the risk involved, prioritizing mitigation based on the need, and possess the experience to understand how to mitigate risk without affecting the big cogs in your business. There are key questions you should ask when contracting security services.

As a penetration tester, I enjoy finding ways to circumvent security controls. Everyone should enjoy what they do, but it seems that most assessors are interested only in what can be found, and often the information is presented in bulk and largely out of context. At InfusionPoints, our measure of success is not how far we can get or what we can find, but how we can use that information to help secure our client's key interests. This includes the understanding that not all vulnerabilities are worth pursuing at the present time.

Our measure of success is not how far we can get or what we can find, but how we can use that information to help secure our client's key interests.

Your organization might not benefit from starting with a full assessment. Most of the time a customer requests the full package, the information we are able to provide is way too much for the company to handle in its current state. The outcome is that overloaded teams of engineers and developers start to treat security as a burden instead of a boon. If your revenue pipeline depends on the affected teams, this is obviously harmful. It is often far better to begin a service relationship with "quick-look" assessments of organizational programs, architecture, its policies and procedures, any compliance requirements, and its people. An organization with a change management program and effective policies & procedures is much more prepared to approach the subject of security. A company culture that includes secure people takes this type of planning, because the first impression of security on an organization is a lasting one.

The InfusionPoints team stands out from among our peers in that we identify the risk in light of the client's key business needs as well as the maturity of relevant programs. The aforementioned 'Quick look' assessments allow us to understand what's important in regard to key pillars of your organization, as well as its readiness for future security enhancements. After the organization has had a chance to stand up the needed architecture, it will receive the maximum benefit from an all-out pentest. The result of this is actionable, relevant security intelligence that is readily understood and safely acted upon by your organization. This is our goal for your organization, and one reason why working with InfusionPoints is the best choice for securing your business. Start the process by getting in touch with one of our experts today.